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A form of aerobic exercise using  an adjustable step platform to build exciting  routines to motivating music . The height of the platform can be adjusted according to individual needs/fitness level. Our instructors offer various options for different levels of intensity / coordination while teaching the routines.

What Does The Class Look Like?

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Class Insights

Benefits of Step

  • Great way to burn calories

  • Increase your cardio fitness

  • Improve your coordination

  • Tone and shape your lower body

  • Improve gait and balance

A high energy workout suitable for all fitness levels, abdominal conditioning included in the 60 min class. Because the workouts are fun and enjoyable you walk away feeling great. Burn up to 455 avg calories in a 45 minute class and 605 avg calories in a 60 minute class depending on various factors like weight, age, intensity.

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