I improved my overall strength considerably during the 6 week challenge at New Life Fitness Centre. Leading up to the challenge, I had developed good cardio through the bootcamp and interval training classes held by the centre. However, the personal training sessions during the 6 week challenge further built on my cardio and also increased my strength. My legs were one area of my body that I particularly focus on, as before the challenge I had considered them a weak point. Thanks to my Personal Trainer, I have developed the strength I always wanted in my legs through a great routine of leg exercises and education on proper technique. I now look forward to doing squats as I know how good they are for my leg strength and I also now have the confidence that I am performing the exercises correctly when I’m on my own.

My Personal Trainer pushed me to achieve my best and was a great support to me during the challenge with meal planning and motivation. I couldn’t have achieved the same results without him. I also found I looked forward to going to the gym thanks to his ability to make the sessions enjoyable and rewarding. I would never have maintained the motivation or used the most safe and efficient training techniques to achieve the results I did without a  qualified Personal Trainer.

Furthermore, all the other trainers are equally supportive and motivating during the group challenge sessions where everyone rotates between trainers to challenge themselves in different fitness areas. Thank you to all of them for their ongoing support not only in the group challenges but for always being friendly and encouraging when I run into you at the gym at other times. Likewise, the administration staff at New Life Fitness Centre always make it a pleasure to attend the gym due to their warm smiles and helpful attitudes. All the programs and classes at New Life Fitness Centre are run with a high level of professionalism and it is a testament to the administration staff and Management.

I would totally recommend the 6 week challenge at New Life Fitness Centre for anyone wishing to take that next step towards their fitness goals!

Michael Colegate

6 Week Challenge Participant

Michael Colegate

Kara Tattoli's

12 Week Challenge Story

As someone who is an avid gym-goer I was excited to try out the 12 week challenge because I love exploring new and challenging ways to push myself towards greater fitness goals. I had succeeded in the past in losing weight, however I felt I needed help shedding those last couple of kilos and fortunately I saw these results with the challenge!


Even though I was the youngest member of the group, juggling both uni and work around my gym routine (not to mention the occasional party where I was faced with alcohol!) I managed to make it work for me and my schedule to get as much out of it as I possibly could. I loved exploring the new fitness regimes such as spin classes and boxing (of which I never would have considered trying beforehand!) and having the support of Nancy and her support talks which I got to attend with the rest of the challengers. But the best part for me was the personal training sessions with Lisa twice a week, as well as the group sessions with all the challengers and group leader Stella. Through these I really saw the results I was yearning for, and soon after the challenge started, so did others. Never in my life did I imagine I could run as fast as I can now, or do push ups or planks, things I could never do before the challenge!

In total, I lost 3 kilos, 11.5 cms and dropped a dress size. I feel so empowered and have found new motivation for eating right, exercising and turning what I learnt in the 12 weeks into a lifestyle habit. I loved the pt sessions so much I chose to continue with them even after the challenge finished, and I love going to classes when before I would be too shy to even consider going! My whole family have gotten hooked in the healthy eating recipes too, and we enjoy them several meals a week so they too can get the added nutritional benefits that I got into their diets. To those who have ANY doubts about trying the 12 week challenge, DONT! All you need is the will to improve your fitness and wellbeing, and with the support of the team at New Life fitness centre, you will be able to do so!

Kara Tattoli