Kick Boxing & Cardio Kick Boxing

Our kickboxercise studio consists of full length bags for punching and kicking, focus pads, speed balls, skipping ropes and resistance equipment  to ensure a great total body workout. Burns from 600 to 900 calories in a 1 hour class depending on various factors such as weight, age, intensity etc.

Benefits of Kickboxercise

  • Burn mega calories and rev up your metabolism

  • Delivers  both a cardio and muscular endurance workout 

  • Tone and shape your upper and lower body

  • Improve your reflexes, agility and co-ordination skills

  • Strengthen your core and improve your posture

  • Increase your energy levels and reduce stress

Such a popular class for people of all ages and levels of experience, great for weight loss and getting you in shape, FAST!

Cardio Kick Boxing

With the use of both the group fitness studio and kick box studio, you will leave your session with nothing short of a fantastic workout focusing on more cardio activity.